National Scholarship Program


For thirty years the National LICA Education Committee has awarded scholarships to students. To date there has been over one thousand recipients majoring in a wide variety of subjects. Scholarships have gone to students with concentrations in agriculture, construction, engineering, landscaping, law, marine biology, medicine, and many others.

In order to be eligible the applicant must be related to an active LICA Contractor member. This includes members, spouse, child or grandchild. Applicants must attend a recognized school, college or university, complete and submit the application meeting the five requirements list below.

1. Write an essay (300 words or less) describing your academic, vocational and personal goals and objectives and why you should receive this scholarship.

2. List your major course of study and include high school and/or college grade transcripts.

3. Include three letters of recommendation from your community, school or other adult non-relative.

4. Include a wallet size picture (2” X 3”) or equivalent), with the understanding that the award recipients will be featured in the LICA News.

5. Application must be completed and mailed to the National LICA office with a postmark date no later than March 15. Incomplete applications and ineligible students are automatically disregarded.

2019 Scolarship copy

National LICA Scholarship Application




State Chapter Scholarship Programs

Many state chapters have scholarship programs apart from the national program. This gives applicants another opportunity to receive scholarship funding. The amounts of the scholarships and criteria will vary from state to state. Contact your state chapter for additional information.