Strategic Plan


The Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) is a national association dedicated to encourage high standards of workmanship in resource management, land improvement practices and to promote enterprises in the area of land improvement contracting. Men and women with determination, commitment, skills and ability to adapt to the constantly changing business environment built LICAŹ¼s solid foundation. A committee of past presidents, present officers and volunteer members meet and revise the Strategic Plan making changes to meet the future needs of the association.

The following strategic plan outlines the goals and objectives that will guide the association’s direction for the next five years.

5 Year LICA Strategic Plan Goals and Actions

GOAL I: Promote LICA membership.
Action 1: LICA will participate in at least 6 trade shows in the next two years
Action 2: Membership drives will be a continuing activity on state and national level. Maintain
ongoing recruitment and support of state membership.
Action 3: Encourage LICA Associates to identify and recruit to promote membership.
Action 4: Expand Associate member base.

GOAL II: Encourage appropriate contractor certification where applicable.
Action 1: LICA will maintain national certification committee
Action 2: Inform LICA members about existing certification programs.
Action 3: Inform LICA members about the Technical Service Provider Program (TSP).

GOAL III: Provide, promote and support educational opportunities.
Action 1: Provide more educational seminars.
Action 2: Conduct field days and demonstrations.

GOAL IV: Position Land Improvement Contractors of America as a professional trade association.
Action 1: Utilize press releases and media contacts.
Action 2: Network with other associations.

GOAL V: Monitor and maintain working relationship with local, state, and federal government.
Action 1: Host agency meetings for the exchange of information.
Action 2: Send promotional material to target groups
Action 3: Prepare and share position papers with members.
Action 4: Engage in personal visits, letter writing, phone calls and e-mail where appropriate
Action 5: Maintain MOU with NRCS and look for other agencies to partner with.

GOAL VI: Develop and expand membership benefits.
Action 1: Search for discounts for LICA members.
Action 2: Learn and be aware of other contractors needs through surveys and questionnaires.

GOAL VII: Mentoring, develop future LICA leaders.
Action 1: Identify LICA members who have the potential for LICA leadership at every level.
Action 2: Develop and implement a structured mentorship program
Action 3: Seminars on leadership skills and/or motivational speaker


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