Every year at the National Winter Convention, LICA members come together to exchange ideas and try to make a difference.  At the close of each Convention a special few are recognized during the Awards Banquet. These National LICA Awards are the Association’s tradition and are a great honor to receive.  All the recipients are pillars of their community and of the Land Improvement Contractors of America. They have worked hard in their jobs and for LICA throughout the year. Click here for nomination forms.

Contractor of the Year

Banquet Lee Bunting

Lee Bunting, IL
Presented by Steve Gerten, OH









LICA Lady of the Year

Banquet LICA Lady Patti

Patti McArdle, NE
Presented by: Harry Hauschild, NE









Top State

Banquet Top State

Pennsylvania LICA
Dan Micsky and Joanie Micsky
Presented by: Steve Anderson, IL










Entrepreneur of the Year

Banquet Entrepeneuer

Matt Palmer, FL
Presented by: John Weatherhead, FL









ADS Award

Banquet ADS Award

Tom Popp, WI
Presented by: Mike Hagen










Kemps Award

Banquet MO Kemps

Missouri LICA
Debbie Dickens and Tom Lawlor
Presented by: John Peterson










CNA/Safety Award

Banquet CNA Safety

Don Loken, MN
Presented by: Corey Rimmer